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We welcome your questions ...
​Here are answers to a few of the more common ones:

Are there any special set up items I need to provide when hiring Lucky Penny?

Usually not. We are self-contained with Bose Pro PA, lights, even a DJ rig for music during breaks. One or two regular 110 outlets typically power all of our equipment with no problems. If you want us to play outside, we do need some type of cover in case it rains (positioning under a roof, a portable tent, etc.)

How long has the band been performing?

​​Lucky Penny has been performing as a band for eight years. Each of our members is a veteran performer on stage and in the music industry.

Do you take requests?

Yes, we do. We have hundreds of songs on our playlist and sometimes we can learn a song or two for you if it is important for your event. If your request does not match our instrumentation or vocal range, we can run the song on our DJ rig for you during a break.


Can you add horns?

Yes, we have a sax player and we can add a trumpet player as well. Just check with us on the cost for adding additional players.

Do you have catering requirements for the band?
Yes, typically for events of four hours or more we want to be included in your dinner or buffet. A four-hour event requires us to be on site for seven to ten hours, considering set up and tear down. But, we do NOT require imported water or green M&M'S.

Are you insured?

Yes, Lucky Penny Live LLC has a $2 million liability insurance policy and your venue can be named as a temporary insured, if necessary.

How do you decide what songs make it onto your playlist?
We perform ongoing research to determine which songs are the most popular for weddings, parties and other events. Most of the songs you will hear from us were big hits on the radio and have tested well with audiences. That's why people DANCE and have a GREAT TIME when we play.

Do you play events other than weddings?
Absolutely! In addition to wedding ceremonies and receptions, we have a long history of playing clubs, community events, fundraisers, birthday parties, football parties, corporate parties - the list goes on and on!

Jourdan B.

I cannot say enough great things about Lucky Penny. We were honestly blown away. I first heard about Jim Hopes and Lucky Penny from my sister-in-law. We went to a rehearsal at Jim's house and were impressed with their playlist, variety, and sound, so we decided to book them. We, along with our 130+ guests, danced the night away...literally...until just after midnight. The  dance floor was packed with guests from 3 years old to 85 years old until the very last song. Jim did a great job with our introductions and modifying the band's playlist to fit our style. Their sound guys were accommodating and played all of our song requests during the band breaks. THANK YOU Lucky Penny for helping make our wedding everything we dreamed and hoped it would be!

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